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The study of the countries where the citizen’s right to information has been working more successfully shows that their civil society has played a pivotal role from advocacy for reformation to sensitizing the citizens about their right and from assisting the legislative forums in drafting the effective laws to capacity building of public officials dealing with the information requests. In fact the civil society’s role in successful RTI regimes has been cited as the single most important factor dividing the line between success and failure. One major factor in Pakistan’s not so successful implementation of RTI regime has been underinvolvement of civil society in FOIA related matters.

In this backdrop “FOIA Pakistan Network” has been established to undertake following broad

  • Creating awareness about FOIA and building popular support for citizens’ right to information
  • Assisting the legislative assemblies in drafting effective FOIA legislation
  • Establishment of “FOIA Resource Center” containing the resources related to FOIA regime in Pakistan as well as on the international best practices, supported with an effective and efficient website for the benefit of citizens, NGOs and other public interest groups
  • Training public officials dealing with FOIA requests
  • Helping the citizens and theactivists of NGOs in forwarding FOIA requests
  • Serving as a watchdog regarding FOIA legislation as well as its implementation
  • Organizing seminars and conferences, with at least one annual national conference, on FOIA as to provide a forum for discussion and deliberation to the civil society

  •   NEWS :-

    Meeting with Speaker Sindh Assembly held

    Minister Environment assures support for FOIA in Pakistan

    Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Principal of SMI College

    Dr. Muhammad Ali Shaikh, Chairperson (H) FOIA Pakistan Network completed his post-doctoral research ...

    Ms. Shaista Brohi, Executive Director FOIA Pakistan Network briefed the rural women about their rights ...

      Ariticles :-

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    2. FOI Commonwealth Report

    3. FOI Draft bill 2008


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